Catering industry

Bespoke Lab organises intensive 30-hour English language courses dedicated to personnel working in the catering sector adopting innovative teaching methods. Depending on the availability of participants in the course, two weekly sessions of one and a half hours each or one weekly session of two hours may be organised.


The 30-hour course will aim to teach the most frequent spoken English phrases in the catering industry. The course will be divided into three modules. The first module will aim to teach how to take customers’ orders, ask and answer questions, and recommend menus and dishes. The second module will look at how to describe different dishes and learning French terms also used in English. The final module will provide the key expressions for each phase of the restaurant service.

-Respond to information requests
-Dialogue fluently with customers
-Hold a telephone conversation
Manage table reservations over the phone
Solve complaints and problems
-Respond to common questions

The courses will be taught by native English-speaking teachers specialised in teaching English to foreigners and will be in English using innovative teaching methods based on everyday life situations in order to stimulate English conversation and comprehension. Course programmes will lead to a gradual development of the main language skills: understanding and speaking with a focus on listening and speaking.

The groups will consist of a maximum number of 8 students per class in order to optimise the learning of the sectoral micro-language.

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of participation.

In order to allow a good organisation of groups by homogeneous levels, those interested are invited to contact the school.