Liaison interpreting: ensures informal comprehension for small groups of people.

Simultaneous interpreting: is performed in a soundproof booth with headphones and microphone.

Consecutive interpreting: is carried out in the physical presence of the interested parties. The interpreter listens to the speaker and translates it faithfully into the target language .

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI): is performed on specialised interpreting platforms at international events such as conferences, round tables, seminars, webinars, company meetings, b2b workshops and small meetings.

During traditional simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter is physically present at the event.

Generally, interpreters stand in soundproof booths at the back of the conference room and provide simultaneous interpretation via audio consoles connected to public address (PA) systems. Participants, on the other hand, use wireless receivers through which they can choose their preferred language and listen.

On the other hand, as regards RSI, the entire interpretation process of a conference takes place remotely: interpreters connect virtually via an RSI cloud-based platform from which they receive live video and audio of the event.

Participants can listen to the translation by connecting to the same platform or via an app downloaded on a device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.), without being physically present at the event.


Whispered interpreting/or Chuchotage: is a simultaneous translation whispered into the ear of the listener , is made in physical presence without the use of interpreting equipment or technical supports .


Additional services

Rental of interpreting equipment

Rental of booths, infrared headphones and microphones for simultaneous translation

Bidule equipment hire for visits to plants or factories.