Translation is a process of communication between languages and requires inter-lingual understanding and production skills. Language meaning is not encoded in the lexical item or equivalent, but rather from analyzing the text in its entirety. The analysis of the text is an essential preliminary to the translation. A text is not a static piece of language but the expression of a verbalized intention by the author, interpreted by the translator who attempts to recreate such intention for other readers of another culture. The translator must therefore go beyond the formal and literal of the source text and interpret what the authors intend to achieve through that text.

The translation process is therefore a set of techniques and strategies that start with the interpretation of the source text as an integral part of the socio-cultural context. The source text is analyzed in its entirety in direct relation to the cultural context so as establish the style to be observed in the translation. Just as a text is not simply a product but a result of a complex decision-making system, the translation requires the exact same care and attention from the translator.